Trainwreck Automatic

€9,50 EUR

The Origins of Trainwreck Auto Seeds

Trainwreck Auto is simply the beloved Trainwreck crossed with Big Skunk Auto genetics thrown in the mix. This marriage resulted in the genetic profile of 85% sativa, 15% indica and 5% ruderalis, and about 19% of THC. This variety may not be the fastest auto out there, but its potential for excellent harvests and its vigour make up for the extra wait that growing this superstar involves.

Aromas and Flavours of Trainwreck Autoflower

Just like its feminized predecessor, Trainwreck Autoflower seeds offer an enticing mix of aromas and flavours. The smoke it produces is thick and fragrant, with sweetness dancing with earthiness and pine. A trained palate will also detect spicy pepper undertones, for a nicely balanced terpene profile. A few tokes and Trainwreck Autoflower weed will make you think happy thoughts whilst feeling motivated and energised—ideal for times when you want to work on something you've been putting off.

Growing Characteristics of Trainwreck Auto Seeds

When you choose Trainwreck Autoflower seeds for your next growing project you can expect plants that will suit any growing style or environment. They remain at very manageable heights of 80–130cm indoors and a little taller, 130–160cm outside. In terms of time, this auto needs a bit more patience than most. You're looking at harvesting your Trainwreck Autoflower weed strain 12–13 weeks after seeds sprout. The wait is well worth it, though, as this variety can offer 450–500g/m² indoors and up to 175g per plant outdoors.