AMG Femenized

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AMG - Award Winning Genetics That Stem From Amnesia and Mexican Haze

Some strains end up winning an award or two, and while they should be proud, real champions stay at the top of their game. Amnesia Mac Ganja was created by “the Ganja Man” himself, who crossed Amnesia with Mexican Haze. It may only be 80% sativa, but this green deity delivers a supercharged high straight to the inner sanctum of your mind. If you are wondering how one strain can have such a profound impact, you only need to look at its 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 cup wins. As we said, real champions stay at the top of their game.

Complex Flavours and Euphoric Effects

Spicy earth flavours with hints of herbal tea provoke a nostalgic response from cannabis connoisseurs. Unsurprisingly, those inexperienced in good ol’ Mary Jane can be easily overwhelmed by AMG's dominant force. The bombardment of euphoric waves hits from the first toke to the last. It is almost as if these cannabis seeds remove your consciousness from your body. Your mind becomes completely free, travelling at supersonic speeds along the cosmic highways. Any feelings of negativity, anxiety, or depression are left in the dust.

Her 22% THC focusses firmly on the mind, while the impact on the body is mild but reassuringly relaxing. The only downside to AMG is that it is not a mid-morning or before-work kind of strain. Its place is by your side after a tough day at the office. It is here it will take your hand and guide you into blissful euphoria.

Its Increased Flowering Time Yields Rewarding Results

Growing it is simple enough. It is neither fussy nor overcomplicated when it comes to balancing the different aspects of the grow room. The combination of decent yields, both indoors and out, with its slightly extended growing time may be off-putting for some growers. However, do not underestimate the sheer potency of the forbidden fruit it creates. Amnesia Mac Ganja is one of the most popular strains among Dutch coffeeshops for good reason. Its complete control of the mind outweighs any potential criticism.